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bottomless brunch

drinks menu

You will be welcomed with a drink on the haus. You may then choose from a range of drinks below that includes both steins & cocktails.


Dortmunder Vier

Absolut Vodka & Mixer

Havana Especial Rum & Mixer

Beefeater / Pink Strawberry Gin & Mixer

Jameson Whiskey & Mixer

Selection of Bavarian Inspired Cocktails


Lang Insel Eistee

(Long Island Iced Tea)

Verkehr Jerkher

(Porn Star Martini)

Blut Alfelsine Gin Schlinge

(Blood Orange Gin Sling)

Erdbeere Umwerben Umwerben

(Strawberry Woo Woo)



Jägermeister Schlagen

(Jägermeister Punch)

food menu

Wiener Schnitzel


Breaded chicken breast topped with a fried egg, served with warm potato & chive salad and our haus sauerkraut salad on the side.

Haus Burger


Prime beef patty served with Emmental cheese, fried onion, lettuce and tomato in a pretzel bun. Served with diced potatoes and our haus sauerkraut salad.



Classic German meatballs in a creamy smoked paprika & tomato sauce, served with Schinkennudeln (German noodles with sliced ham), garnished with chives. 
*Swap meatballs for falafel balls to make this dish vegetarian. 

Thüringer Bratwurst


Large authentic oak smoked bratwurst sausage, mixed salad leaves, fried onions, curry ketchup & German mustard served in a crusty bread roll. Diced potatoes and our haus sauerkraut salad on the side.

Mühlen Rostbratwürstchen


Four mini vegan bratwurst served on mashed potatoes, with tender stem broccoli & vegan gravy.

Spargelfest Salat


A tasty salad of grilled asparagus spears, red beets, crumbled cambozola cheese, pine nuts, mixed greens and honey mustard dressing. Served with crusty bread.

Optional Extras


Spiced Haus Fries with curry ketchup & creamy mayo £3.50


Haus Onion Rings £3.50



Join us at Hoffenbrau for Bottomless Bavarian Brunch, every Saturday 12pm until 5pm.

Embark on your journey to the heart of Bavaria as we bring the rich flavours and vibrant traditions of this German region right to your table. Get ready to savour an endless array of delectable dishes, perfectly paired with your favourite beverages, all in an atmosphere that captures the essence of Bavarian hospitality.


Join us for a brunch that knows no bounds and discover the true meaning of a feast for the senses.

Your £35 ticket includes 90 minutes of bottomless drinks plus a dish from our authentic food menu.


*Alcohol-free version available with a £10 discount (per person)


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